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Going slow to go faster

July 28th, 2015 | no comments


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This past weekend I felt pretty worn out. I’ve been burning the candle at both ends and wasn’t listening to my body.

I needed to take a rest and renew.

This isn’t easy for me as I suspect it isn’t for many people.  And I’ve found myself with some critical self-talk, feeling shitty for not taking my own advice.

Balancing a job, building a business and wanting to make sure I have enough to give to those around me, has left me forgetting to take care of me. And self-care is the number one principle I teach my clients, above all else.

But they do say you teach want you need to learn the most…

So I’ve allowed myself to swing in my hammock in the garden (in between dodging the lovely British summer rain!), to celebrate milestones with good friends at a country wedding and to walk outside with my pups.

Sometimes, it feels good to unplug and just…be.

Last night as I made a cup of tea, I stumbled upon a box of painkillers from my last stay in hospital. Hidden at the back of my cupboard, there they lay. A stark reminder of a horrible time in my life that was full of pain, tears and frustration.

The date on that box says November 2013. My last hospital stay. That was the ultimate sign to unplug and renew. My body packed up and gave me no choice. Sometimes I still don’t heed that lesson and I allow “life” to get in the way of what’s most important.

Taking care of me.

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Seeing that box took me back to that time.  A message about self-care and putting yourself first. Sometimes I forget to hear that message. But the overwhelming thought was clear…

“Look how far you have come.”

My journey to health over that short time from then to now is one I am hugely proud of. And a story I feel compelled to share with others.

Unplugging this weekend has allowed me to re-connect with myself and what’s really important and it’s put me back on the road to action and motivation.  My body is the only vehicle I have to carry me to all the things I know I can achieve.

Sometimes going slow to go faster is actually the fastest route to success.

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