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{Recipe} Green Smoothie

July 27th, 2015 | no comments


Quick & Simple green smoothie recipe on The Alchemy Kitchen

Served fresh from the kitchen, here’s my weekly recipe pick.

The cornerstone of my kitchen is the Green Smoothie.  A green juice or smoothie incorporated into your diet just once a day can work magic, not just for your weight, but your overall health and energy levels in general.

Packed with fresh, green veg and a fruit of your choice for some natural sweetness, this is a nutritional power punch in one quick and easy step.

Yes they are very much on trend right now but don’t let that put you off! What I know for sure is that by having a simple green smoothie once a day was one of the key steps I took in my own journey to health and to finding my natural weight.

There are more resources and information on the website but to get you started, I highly recommend investing in a blender such as The NutriBullet. Buy yours here or check out Amazon.

Just for you, I’m sharing one of my favourite green smoothie recipes, courtesy of the lovely gals at Have a go yourself – experiment at making your own and have fun!

The golden rule of a good green smoothie is to keep your proportions simple. Aim for two thirds of green leafy veg and one third of fruit. Apple and mango are two of my favourites, but you could choose any fruit you like. Top up with water or non-diary milk such as almond or rice milk, then blend and enjoy.

Beginners Luck Green Smoothie

Courtesy of


2 cups spinach, fresh
2 cups water
1 cup pineapple
1 cup mango
2 bananas

Makes 2 servings.


  • Blend spinach and water until smooth
  • Next, add the remaining fruits and blend again
    To make the smoothie extra cold, you can use frozen fruit.

Have you tried this recipe? Let me know in the comments below.

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