Tamsyn’s weight loss coaching approach is brilliant! The emphasis was on helping me to connect my emotions and thought processes to my physical wellness, nutritional habits and exercise baseline.

Tamsyn’s caring and skilled talent helped me to feel empowered. Through the coaching series, I have become much more aware about foods that fuel me, while allowing myself to also indulge in ‘joy’ foods without feeling like I’m on a strict diet plan. I would highly recommend Tamsyn as a Weight Loss Coach.

Rona Sterling-Collins, MSW, Rona Sterling Consulting Inc.

I remember the days of waking up and feeling rubbish, tired, lethargic and unfit, both in my mind and my body. It makes me feel happy every day knowing that I now feel differently. I am working towards the fit and healthy person I knew I could be.

Tamsyn is brilliant! Her no-nonsense, firm but totally caring approach to support you with your weight loss has really worked for me. If you want a coach who empathises…you got it!

If you want a coach who tells you how it really is…you got it.
If you want a coach who kicks your butt (in a good way!) when you’re being an idiot and making excuses…you have definitely got it!

The techniques Tamsyn used on me got me thinking and acting differently in a very short amount of time. I looked at the types and amount of food that I eat differently and now I actually look forward to exercise!

Once I changed my mind about how I felt, it all clicked into place. It was a great and fun experience. Thank you Tamsyn.

Lucy Henden, L&D Manager and Consultant

Tamsyn is an inspirational and motivating individual, who has been instrumental in coaching me with the development and success of both my business and my wellbeing.

She has the fantastic ability to understand and coach you through challenges and hurdles. Her techniques have enabled me to develop my own self-learning skills, that ensure I am focused and now over-achieving. I would highly recommend her.

Melanie Moore, Founder and Consultant, Moore People

Where do I start? After a major life change in my mid 40’s, I was feeling over-analytical of myself, doubting my abilities on everything, running round like a headless chicken and comfort eating rather than stepping out of my comfort zone.

BARE came along at exactly the right time. You helped me out of my pity party, by helping me look at my goals from the outside in. Without your accountability, I would not have done the things I have over the last six weeks. These things include talking at a network meeting in a completely different way to how I would ever have done before and making me focus and organise myself in both business and personal areas. As a family, we have set a vision board for 90 days and are helping each other more than ever.

Most importantly, you have helped me understand that I need to be kinder to me! That is a long path to take, but I have the tools to do that and I fully intend to make 2016 the year I’m kinder to Cathy.

I totally recommend you and the BARE Coaching Programme. You have helped me emotionally, professionally and physically.

Words cannot thank you enough.

Cathy Smith, Beauty & Wellness Business Owner, Atlanta

With empathetic but challenging questions, Tamsyn encourages you to dig deeper, go further, and really search for the true values, desires and feelings that drive your actions and choices.

After a session with Tamsyn, you feel inspired and uplifted, ready to take the world by storm.

It is your life, your choice – own it!

Whatever it is you want to achieve, it is only a choice away. With an amazing coach like Tamsyn at your side, you will learn to understand, believe, commit and most of all, enjoy your life to the fullest.

Katja Kammerer, Area Manager, Hospitality

Losing weight has been a battle I have had all my life and almost became a way of living for me.

Learning about about Tamsyn’s work and about her own health  journey could not have come at a better time. I was at my all time low, having had a baby, juggling 2 kids, my home and usual daily drama. I was the heaviest I had been and desperate to feel normal again.

Working with Tamsyn, I learnt that I needed to work on my relationship with myself, become my best friend and only then would my relationship with food improve. Life is not about dieting, but about making the right choices for yourself, choices which help you to be a better version of yourself mentally and physically.

I am eternally grateful for your coaching Tamsyn and sharing your wisdom to help people like me.

Divya Parikh, Accountant, London