Tools I love

 The Green Smoothie is the cornerstone of Tamsyn Hawkins' kitchen

Food for your heart

 Eating good just got way better.


So, I’m not a fan of typical juice diets or cleanses (was that a sigh of relief?), BUT… I can say that incorporating these into a plan is key – and for more reasons than you might think.

I encourage you to think past the clichés of every pre-conceived notion you might have about people who drink these things… and drink one. I call it your green bullet for the day and it will make you feel better in ways you haven’t felt for, maybe, ever.

The NutriBullet is super easy to use and much cheaper than a fancy pants Vitamix. I also use mine for making soup, hummus and raw chocolate mousse and, as evidenced fifty four pounds later, this bad boy has changed my life!

Thug Kitchen

The Thug Kitchen’s mantra is “Eat like you a give a fuck” and I’m pretty sure that’s the #1 reason everyone needs a copy of this book.

Similar to how I run my own coaching consultancy, this brand makes all of the boring, routine learning around “eating healthy” not only a pleasure, but an absolute hoot. Bottom line: You’ve got to find your own personal fuel food – the stuff that’s going to make you stop feeling like shit, according to what your body needs – and this book is a great first step to figuring that out.  I gift copies to people regularly, it’s that good, so if you do nothing else, gift yourself one today.

Highly recommended!

Movement for your ass

 Feeling lethargic? Intimidated by exercise?
The idea of sweating making you sweat?

Don’t worry – you don’t have to move mountains to get moving! Below are my recommended top apps to help you reconnect with your physical body. You remember? That thing you’re entire self is housed in? Yeah, that. Time to say hello again, old friend.


Streaks is an app that helps you keep track of your regular activity, without having to keep an old-fashioned notebook and pencil in your purse. It’s super quick and easy, and it’ll make you feel like the smartest, most organised healthy person in the world. Fact.


Putting yourself to the challenge? Want to do a challenge with a friend? This is a great app for getting your health on with somebody else… together. I started using Strava when I was training for mountain climbing. It’s absolutely wonderful for tracking things like walking, cycling, running… the works.

Walking Pro

If you’re one of those people who’s always hated running, but know you need to get some movement into your day, why not try this app? Yes, it’s all about walking and no, you won’t feel like a sissy. Walking Pro is just a great, non-scary app that’ll help you get it in, without phoning it in.

Yoga is one of the most brilliant forms of self-care there is

Movement for your mind

I used to hate exercise, but yoga changed all that.

I know, I know! Yoga has its lovers and its haters, BUT I love to recommend this as one of the most brilliant forms of self-care there is. There’s nothing like taking a real time-out for yourself and feeling your body stretch along the floor. Perhaps it’s just what you needed all along.

You’ll re-establish that crucial connection with yourself and your stress levels will go WAY the hell down. (I promise!) And the biggest benefit of all? You don’t actually have to be surrounded by 119 pound beauties in their Lululemon leotards.

I’ve got your back.

Strala Yoga

Putting on a yoga outfit is bad enough but doing it in public? Cringeworthy at first. The good thing with Strala is you don’t have to. You’ll find great online classes for all types of yoga practice, all in the privacy of your own home – winner! Plus, Tara Stiles has a unique and non-judgemental, easy philosophy when it comes to movement. It’s all about ease and self-care. She writes some rocking cook books too.

Dianne Bondy Yoga

Thinking about the stereotypical yoga instructor, with her soft spoken voice and words you’ve never heard of? Not here! Dianne Bondy is far from your average yogi. She promotes yoga for all and a positive body image for women. This? We LOVE!

Love for yourself

If you’ve been in coaching with me, you’ll know that one of the biggest things I preach is self-care and making  life FUN again. (It’s one of the biggest reasons we turn to food – for an escape from ourselves.) Here are a few of my favourite fun ways to give yourself a treat.


Look, Birchbox is simply f*cking fantastic! Who wouldn’t want to receive a surprise box in the post each month? Every woman deserves this. Especially you.

Jo Malone

Setting the right mood in your home and the place where you spend most of your time is crucial to feeling good. Why not surround yourself with beauty? It’s the only way.


Aveda makes fantastic products and they’ve got hot ethos to boot. Treat yourself. Treat yourself. Treat yourself. That’s an order.


Visual can be visceral. Pinterest is a great way to reconnect with what you REALLY want in life. Create beautiful collections that fuel your inspiration around food, health and anything else that makes you say, “HELL YES!” It’s not a guilty pleasure, because treating yourself shouldn’t make you feel guilty.


Music does things to us. It rips through our soul teases our senses, pirouettes around our mood and makes us believe again. The right music can take you from a down day of blah, to  suddenly an up day of go-getting proportions. Spotify will give you everything your body needs to dance – even if everyone is watching.

Danielle LaPorte

How do you want to feel? That’s the question Danielle LaPorte repeatedly asks as she seduces your pragmatics and sends you into a spell of love and intention… for your own desires.

Disclosure: I am an affiliate of Danielle LaPorte. If you decide to buy anything when you click on my link, I will receive a small commission for your purchase.