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March 7th, 2016 | no comments

A great big cup of love yourself

Picture this delicious scenario:

You wake up. Your tummy rumbles. You enjoy your favorite breakfast. You stop eating before you’re too full. You feel nourished and energized, not groggy.

When lunch rolls around, you check in with your body. What would feel good right now? You thoughtfully select your food. You’re fully present as you enjoy your meal – not hovering over a computer screen.

Evening rolls around. After dinner, instead of poking around in the fridge out of boredom, stress, or loneliness, your evening is filled with delicious activities that nourish your mind and spirit. Instead of overindulging with food, you indulge in your favourite music… a great book… a leisurely phone call with a friend… a creative project… spending time with your significant other… doing something you love, just for you.

You still love food (obviously!) but you no longer rely on food to satisfy all of your emotional cravings.

Food is no longer the primary/sole source of “pleasure” in your life. Your life is bigger, richer, more satisfying now.

Your body has never felt better. You appreciate your amazing body just as it is. You’re losing weight naturally. Your clothes fit differently. But unlike when you’ve tried to lose weight in the past, this time there’s no dieting, no gimmicks, no deprivation.

This time, it’s different.

Best of all, instead of pouring tons of time and energy into fretting/obsessing/feeling shitty about your body, you’re free to pour all of that energy into other directions. Your career, your business, art, writing, friendships, and volunteer projects. Every aspect of your life glows with fresh energy.

Your mind feels so clear. Your days feel more purposeful than ever. Like you’re finally spending your time and energy the way you always meant to.

You’re creating a smaller waistline but more than that. You’re creating a bigger, bolder, braver life.

If the scenario I just described is making you feel excited, curious, or overwhelmed with emotion because it sounds SO beautiful and you want to feel that way so badly, then here’s your next move.

CLICK HERE and let’s start a conversation about your body and your life… because I want to introduce you to the BARE method: a process that leads to permanent weight loss without dieting, whilst simultaneously building a more fulfilling, more satisfying life.

This method has ROCKED my world.

Here are the before and after pictures to prove it.

I know it can change your life too.

Let’s go!

With love,

Tamsyn Hawkins at The Alchemy Kitchen -

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