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#Unsmalltalk coaching with Tamsyn Hawkins and Sas Petherick


#unsmalltalk is your invitation to consider the Very Big Questions.
Questions that we don’t make room for in our busy lives.
Questions with answers that might be a little scary.

Questions like:

What are you ready to walk away from?
What battle do you need to stop fighting?
What is sacred to you?
What is the worst thing someone could find out about you?
What do you want your legacy to be?

You’ll be supported and witnessed by one of two deeply compassionate, richly experienced and bullshit-free Master Coaches.

You’ll walk away with clarity, insight and freedom from revealing a true story about yourself.

#unsmalltalk could be the birthplace for the next chapter in your story!




Reflect, recharge, rest, and re-emerge at Sas Petherick's Sacred Rascals retreat - November 2016, The Cotswolds, England.

It’s time to reflect, recharge, re-emerge and rest your tits off!

Sacred Rascals is a four-day retreat for 12 women.

This is time for opening up to the the profound and the ridiculous.

For receiving the gift of being completely taken care of.

For allowing all of you to show up – including your shadowy bits – in order to
claim the spectacular lightness of your being.

There will be divine awakenings, belly laughs and a fire-based ceremony!

You’ll leave knowing in your bones what you want from the next part of your adventure.

Sacred Rascals Retreat: REGISTER NOW